micros in limited quantity at the moment

Chesterton Citra Pale Ale

A smooth crushable pale ale enjoyed by the masses


Alc. 5.5% // IBUs 41
178 Calories, 12 oz serving

Chesterton Transition Ale

The Transition Ale is our gateway beer for people want a beer like Coors/Bud but are looking to expand their pallet. This very light beer has subtle aromas that won't be to overpowering.


Alc. 4.3% // IBUs 19
133 Calories, 12 oz serving

Chesterton Mango Wit

A great summer beer with a heavy mango and light orange notes


Alc. 5.1% // IBUs 32
157 Calories, 12 oz serving

Chesterton Sweet Milk Stout

Looking for a desert beer that you can have more than one of? Try this stout in place of cake.


Alc. 5.6% // IBUs 28
195 Calories, 12 oz serving

Chesterton Espresso Stout

Like coffee? This espresso stout will satisfy your pallet!


Alc. 6.3% // IBUs 31
236 Calories, 12 oz serving